Setting Smart Goals

We are starting a weekly tip for helping your business or non-profit thrive! This week, let's look at goals. Any business or non-profit, regardless of size, should have three to five strategic objectives that are quantifiable.

We enter anything we do in life with some picture of what "success" looks like. Our challenge in growing a thriving organization is defining what success is.

List out those 3-5 goals using the SMART principle. Let's look at some examples:

- Create $100k in net income in the first year.
- Add a new campus or location within 3 years.
- Grow the business net asset value to $5 million in 10 years.

We wouldn't start college without expecting a degree. We start with a goal in mind. Don't start a business or non-profit without measurable goals from the beginning. These obviously will get adjusted, but start somewhere. Write them down, review them quarterly, adjust as necessary, and keep pushing!

Worry less. Thrive more!
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