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Your PROACTIVE accounting partner

Do what you love, leave the accounting to us

Accounting data should enable you to THRIVE on future opportunities!

Stress-free, flat-fee monthly plans for:

Bookkeeping • Advising • Outsourced CFO

Featuring industry-specific advising & reporting

A Choice of Three Service Models

We’re your partner in each stage of growth!


Entrepreneur & Early-Stage

“I can’t do this by myself”

Our Services:

Bank Transactions

Receipt Tracking

Donor Tracking

Categorizing to Accounts

Bank Reconciliations


Business Tax

Tax Planning

Owner Compensation


Early Growth

“This is beyond our skill-set”

Our Services:

Staff Coordination




Entity Planning

Tax Compliance

Trust Accounting

Industry Software Integration


Employee Onboarding Templates


Growing to Mature

“I need expert advising to handle growth”

Our Services:

Team Communication

Job Costing


Trust Accounting

Audit Assistance

Advanced Reporting

Advanced Dashboards

Advanced Integrations

Risk Analysis

Debt Management

Multiple Entities

Add-On Services

Bill Payment


What to Expect - The Process

Phase 1: Free Assessment

Book an initial free, one-hour consultation. We are available by phone or in-person within driving range of East Tennessee or Western North Carolina.

During the assessment, we listen intently and gauge your current and future needs. The purpose is to learn what catch-up is necessary, what goals you have, and how we can implement a plan to help you succeed. We’ll provide a follow-up quote and action plan.

Phase 2: Blueprint

This step is the same regardless of the service level — building a business blueprint built specifically to your needs.

You’ll notice we didn’t use the term “roadmaps”. Roadmaps show only existing routes and past data. Blueprints are meant to be used for future planning and growth. Our process includes an initial blueprint and updates to that blueprint as we identify areas for improvement with your accounting system. We’ll identify which metrics will drive the implementation plan, reports, and future decisions.

Phase 3: Implementation

We will work closely with you and your staff to optimize your current tools and reporting. You will retain control of the data. We do not hold captive any data in a proprietary system.

Our base accounting system is Quickbooks Online. We also use a variety of tools to input or extract data from Quickbooks. We can work with most industry-specific tools that integrate with Quickbooks.

Meet Your Team

Ashley Scott

Accounting Associate

I enjoy helping others and always learning. I love living in East Tennessee, especially because I grew up in Illinois.

I graduated Carson-Newman University with a BS in Accounting.

(865) 213-2734

Spencer Jones

Accounting Principal

I am a serial entrepreneur, and I love helping our clients acheive their dreams in business. I have always loved teaching and that is my approach to working together. 

I have a BS in Accounting and an MBA and have worked in the field for 20 years.

(865) 356-4799

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