Compliance & tax

Insurance audits, labor audits, state tax audits, economic surveys, license renewals, loan renewals... sound overwhelming? It can be if you go at it alone. We provide stress-free responses to most compliance requests.

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Audit response

Scheduled audit responses like workers comp and general liability insurance. Unscheduled audit responses like state workers comp or personal property audits. We also help maintain supporting data.

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License renewal

Renewal of business and industry-specific licensing.

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Business tax returns

Business-related tax returns including sales tax, business tax, and industry-specific taxes.

QuickBooks experts

We will help you set up a great accounting system in the most widely-used accounting application in the US. We recommend QuickBooks Online for any size client. The feature set is unmatched and allows you to manage your organization's finances from any location and with minimal involvement.

Time-saving tracking

We implement a portfolio of tools that typically integrate with QuickBooks. We have trialed and tested dozens of methods for tracking income and expenses and honed a list of the top time-saving tools that keep you hands-off.


Along with setup and tracking transactions, we want to start goal setting and measuring early in the process. What get measured get managed! Our reports will reflect your recurring performance to your targets.

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Core services

Business entity

Form or renew business legal entities, including state annual reports.


Initial business licensing and renewals. Industry-specific included (contractor license).

Tax accounts

New sales tax and other industry account setup.

Tax filing

Payroll, sales, & business tax filings.

Insurance company audits

Workers comp and general liability audit response.

State audits

Workers comp and labor departent audit response.

Letter response

Respond to state and Federal documention or penalty letters.

Payroll doc support

Support onbaording and storage of required payroll documents.

Survey responses

Yes, it is crazy, but there are Federal surveys with mandated response requirements.

W2 & 1099 filing

Annual W2 and 1099 prep and filing.

Letter response

Respond to state and Federal documention or penalty letters.

Payroll doc support

Support onbaording and storage of required payroll documents.

We're certified!

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We've been trusted QuickBooks Online ProAdvisors for several years.

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Syft Certified Advisors

We love this powerful reporting and analysis tool.


What if I receive a letter from the IRS or State?

Don't panic. That's what we are here for. We'll first determine if it is a legitimate letter. Then, we will research and prep the response with supporting documentation.

What type of audits should I expect?

Almost every business has insurance audits on an annual basis. State workers comp and labor audits occur can be as often as annually. IRS audits are typically less frequent.