Finding a name

There's a right way to name your organization and also a path that leads to trouble. The path that leads to trouble is picking a name without research. Let's go through a couple of simple steps to start your research.

Disclaimer: The following tips do not constitute and are not a substitute for legal advice. We will always recommend consulting with an attorney for legal advice.

  1. Consider names with less common nouns. Avoid simple combinations because they almost certainly will be trademarked or protected already. Avoid names like "Fast Services", for example.

  2. Do the Google search. Do any organizations, anywhere, appear to use your name or a close variation? Avoid using it since names do not necessarily have to be registered or trademarked to be protected.

  3. Search your state business registration website to see if the name is available. Usually this is a Department of Revenue or Secretary of State site like this one for Tennessee.

  4. Search the USPTO trademark database. Make sure there will be no confusion between your name and a trademarked name.

  5. Be creative. Try mixing words from other languages to find the right brand message. Try more unique adjectives.

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